Here is a selection of endorsements and reflections on our counseling process from a variety of clients we have worked with in recent years. Names have been withheld to protect privacy.

Howard, our entire family cannot thank you and Matthew enough for all that you have done to assist and guide us with our college searches. That all four of our girls were able to go to their first choice college is a wonderful blessing, not something we could ever take for granted. From plotting out preparatory strategies well in advance, to evaluating college options utilizing your deep knowledge, to preparing applications that insightfully make the best possible case, your masterful advice has been fundamental to each daughter's success. We will always be grateful!

I wanted to let you know that I have decided to attend Princeton next year. I am very, very excited about this! Thank you so much for all of the help, advice, and support you gave me throughout the college process. I don't know what I would have done without you. I appreciate all of the time and energy you put into helping me throughout the process! Thanks for your constant positivity and encouragement. It really made a difference and I don't know if I would have gotten through this without you. Thanks for everything you did for me!

From the parents of a boarding school candidate: We just wanted you to know what an absolutely brilliant experience you and your team delivered to us, and I am sure also to the rest of those with whom you are interacting. To say the experience has been second to none is to not recognize just how far ahead of the pack you are. Many thanks, and congratulations for all you have done/are doing. With appreciation.

In my eyes, you, Howard, are my guardian angel. There is no doubt that your support, encouragement, and advice were decisive in all that I have accomplished this year at Exeter. The year has made me stronger, and I now know that nothing is beyond my reach. The human spirit is omnipotent. There is beauty in this knowledge, and I look to the future with confidence and awe. Thank you deeply for the role you played in my life. I promise you I will send word from Harvard.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help through the college process -from reading my essays , narrowing and focusing my college list, and ultimately leading me to Vanderbilt where, happily I was accepted. I can never thank you enough for the generosity of your time and your interest in getting me settled in the right place.

We wanted to thank you, Howard and Matthew, and all the members of your team for the help and guidance you gave us throughout the college process. Our son got into his first choice (Dartmouth, ED), and we are all ecstatic and relieved to be out of this admission frenzy so early in his senior year. While it is still fresh in our minds, we want to highlight some of the things we most valued. Your realistic schools assessment; the recommendation that he continue to take 2 foreign languages; the recommendation that he take 4 SAT Subject Tests to demonstrate the depth and breadth of his high school curriculum; your input on his essay (which my wife and I both hated). If not for your support, we would have insisted he change it, but your support, with comments like "It's D., it's who he is," won us over. Developing his 'hook' which was leadership. Recommending an effective SAT tutor who helped D. improve his relatively poor performance previously; reading your book "The Hidden Ivies." Your soothing, encouraging manner calmed us -your availability for phone calls and meetings reassured us. You customized an approach for D., and we never felt he was getting a canned program. We were tremendously impressed and thoroughly satisfied and will call you when it is our daughter's turn. We recommend you without reservation to all our friends!

With our daughter's acceptance to Stanford, at last the college process is complete. You have proven invaluable in shaping her summer experiences, cultivating her sense of self, and reinforcing her self-confidence. To demonstrate our gratitude, we have made a contribution to A Better Chance, where we know you are both a trustee and a strong supporter of its excellent programs. We will always be a reference for you if ever a potential client would like to talk to someone who has used your services. The value you provide to the college aspirant is incalculable.

We are thrilled with our son's acceptances, and thank you for all your help. We will be calling this summer to introduce you to our daughter, to begin working on the college process with her.

I am so glad I made the decision to attend Stanford, and would like to thank you again for the abundance of help and guidance you provided my family and me over the course of my college admissions process. I really appreciated the fact that I could always count on getting an accurate, hones, and straightforward answer from you. I look forward to the rest of my year here at Stanford, and to the next three years.

Thank you, thank you for your wise counsel and steady hand with my daughter. Your sage advice and uncanny wisdom was priceless. (And I can't imagine how many arguments you saved me from!) She is ecstatic about going to Columbia and I finally got up the nerve to look up the price tag. Ouch. Business School is expensive. My sincere thanks for everything you did to get us here.

Given all the challenges our daughter has faced over these last few years, your warm support and encouragement meant a great deal to all of us. We couldn't be happier about her acceptance to U. Penn, and have enthusiastically recommended you to our friends who are beginning the process. We'll be back in a couple of years with our son.

Thank you for you help, support and advice. I am so excited to have the opportunity to attend Choate. I couldn't have done it without you. You have helped me open up a whole new world, and I will always be grateful!

Thank you for all your help, over the years, in navigating the college selection process for both my children. Now that my daughter is graduating from Bryn Mawr, however, she is talking about graduate school, so I guess the admissions process is not over yet! My son has chosen to attend Carnegie Mellon instead of Cornell, and your comments that it will be a good place for him academically, were very reassuring.

Once again, I agree with your strategy and approach regarding my son's application to Holy Cross. My son will be contacting you personally to seek your help in developing a timetable and action plan for his early admissions application. Please feel free to use our family (including my son) as a reference for any families interested in your guidance. We have complete confidence in you, and my wife and I really appreciate your advice and insight throughout this stressful process.

Your help was invaluable and I am so happy you suggested Macalester for me. Now that I am graduating from college, I hope you will accept my invitation to come to the ceremonies. Macalester has been amazing, and I can't thank you enough for pointing me in the right direction.

We want to thank you all at Howard Greene Associates for your help and guidance over the years. We are convinced that your support and counseling was key in helping K. achieve her goal of early acceptance to Yale.

We can't thank you enough for the valuable advice you gave our family regarding our son's college search. In particular, thank you for your sensitivity to our financial situation, and your sound advice in that regard. We consider our consultation with you an especially wise investment in our son's future.

We are most appreciative of your insights, Howard. One of the kindest things you did for our daughter was to make her appreciate her strengths and put her non-love of math in perspective. This improved her quality of life during the past year, and your assessment has indeed proved true in the end.

Thank you, Howard, for speaking to our college bound juniors. Feedback from both staff and students has been extremely positive, and we are already circulating your books! Thanks to you, as our students search for an institution of higher learning, their horizons have been broadened. - Superintendent, Georgia County School System

As we embark on another chapter of our daughter's life, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to you for your efforts on her behalf. We feel certain her post graduate year at Choate will be filled with great opportunities and challenges. She is very excited to embrace all of it, and has already ordered a Choate sweatshirt. She enjoyed getting to know you, and is looking forward to working with you for college next year.

We are all set to start our new life as a college student's parents. We are so happy with our daughter's choice of George Washington University, even though it is far different than the quiet country college we first dreamed about. Thank you for your support and guidance all the way.

You were so right about Denison for our daughter. She loved her revisit there and was truly sold when she attended the Honors Convocation in their beautiful chapel. Who would not be impressed by their students who were Fulbright finalists, Rhodes Scholars, etc. Our daughter will have to take the lead in dealing with her health issue; however, both the health center and the Dean of Students have already been very supportive. What a pleasure it has been for all of us to have the advantage of your insight, information, and support all along the way. I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who needs help with the confusing admissions process.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done to make our daughter very, very happy. We are so grateful for the years of contact we have had with you, and for your guidance and tenacity with respect to A. We would like you to keep track of her, and guide her onto the higher levels of her education wherever that may lead her. We hope you will agree to accepting this mission. Both my son, who needs career guidance, and myself, now that I am facing an empty nest, will be calling in the future for help on these fronts as well.

My heartfelt thanks to you for guiding my daughter, R., through the college process. Working with such a knowledgeable, personable, and professional group was a pleasure. With a little luck, and some hard work from R., I am sure we will be seeking your help when she is ready to apply to medical school.

On behalf of my wife and myself, thank you for your excellent advice for our two boys over the years. You are truly an expert in your field and you bring an element of wisdom and calm to what has become an unfortunately frantic process. Your books are beacons of insight and intelligence in a cluttered field of college admission literature.

Thank you so much for your informative presentation regarding "Taking the Stress out of College Planning." Judging from the attendance and ensuing questions and discussions, this was a most relevant topic. Our feedback has been overwhelming. All were impressed with your professionalism, your warmth and relaxed demeanor, and most importantly, your knowledge. - Co-President of WAGE

We are all very excited and proud of our daughter's early acceptance to Davidson. This means you have now hit 100 for our two daughters. We will be calling you shortly about our son. I can't believe we are doing the college process a third time!

Thank you for your tremendous help and guidance which you have given our family. Your outstanding knowledge and sincere interest have been invaluable.

We want to extend our sincere thanks for your superb counsel, and sensitive understanding of our son's academic needs, and to thank you for your personal intervention with the school which resulted in our son's acceptance. You have given a fine young man a renewed reason to believe in his potential and the opportunity to realize it in the fullest. I can think of no finer gift. We are very grateful to you for all your efforts. You are an exceptional team.

We were all very impressed with your depth of knowledge and keen ability to focus in on A.'s distinct personality and particular needs. Your perceptiveness allowed for a very comfortable discussion which led to greater security for A. and a much better list of potential colleges for her. Thank you again for your significant insights and expertise.

Thank you for your help with our son's college search process last year. As parents, we certainly supported your recommendation of Rhodes College for him, and so far it has been a fantastic experience for him. He is receiving a quality liberal arts education in a small college near a large city, which is exactly what he wanted to do. The Rhodes experience seems to blend academics with leadership, service and interpersonal experiences, and we think that is tremendous. Thank you again for heading us in the right direction.

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you both (Howard and Matthew) during our recent visit to New York. Our son, A. arrived feeling a mixture of fear and anticipation and left feeling reassured that he would be able to sort all this college stuff out. We are greatly relieved to have found such superb partners to help guide us all through the admissions process.

What a pleasure to see you again, Howard. One of the big benefits of the independent school world is the opportunity to meet and work with so many terrific people who come together to assist young people with educational and life choices. I feel fortunate to know so many good people like you, who spend their lives helping kids achieve their goals. Warm regards to you both in your wonderful father/son adventure! - Admission Director of Private School

On behalf of New Canaan's AAUW branch, I want to sincerely thank you for being our speaker (Howard) on Thursday evening.. You delivered a most informative message of usable advice to our community. We received very favorable comments from the audience who were grateful for your presentation on the often times frustrating admissions process. - American Association of University Women

Your talk last night was wonderfully stimulating. We never had such sustained interest after a program. As you saw, no one wanted to leave! We are most grateful to you for generously giving us such valuable information and insight. It is obvious why you are the very best in your field, bar none. - American Association of University Women

This has been a very busy week for us here in Hong Kong with a long Easter break, and the Ching Ming (Chinese All Soul's Festival). We are very glad out daughter G. had such wonderful choices, and we are pleased that she can be with one of her siblings at Yale. Thank you so much for your work on her behalf. We are most grateful for your wise counsel.

We just received a letter from our son after his first few weeks at the University of Chicago, and had to drop you a line to simply say thank you. He is delighted with all that he finds at the university, and although he thought it would not be possible to better his experience at Milton, Chicago is proving him wrong. C. says the city is a perfect fit for him, and the academic challenges are equally impressive, although he feels well prepared for them. Were it not for you, not only would Chicago not have appeared on his list but he wouldn't be there today.

Our daughter, C., had a wonderful year at St. Andrews, and returned to Boston College for two years to complete her degree. She graduated in May and was awarded a grant through the history department to study in Indonesia. It does not seem so long ago that she sat in your office, completely bewildered and disillusioned with her college prospects. If word of mouth has a role to play in your profession, than we are your greatest ambassadors. Thank you, Howard, for all your attention and guidance. We simply couldn't have done it without you.

You gave us insights about our daughter, and the list of appropriate schools for her, which we could not have learned about in any other way. Your assessment makes our school visits much easier and more efficient. Our daughter feels better and under less pressure because there are now "on profile" choices that she certainly likes as well as a few reach schools that might be a decent fit for her. Your guidance through your experience and wisdom has benefited thousands of families, and as an added plus, your advice was always balanced with kindness, grace and humor.

Here are the results from L.'s college applications: Accepted at Brown, Columbia, Duke and Washington University, waiting list at Georgetown and Tufts. She will attend Brown and is extremely happy with her decision. Throughout the process, Brown always seemed to be the closest thing to a first choice she had. Now that she is safely headed to Brown, we want to thank you for all your help. L. valued your advice greatly and gained much knowledge and confidence from her discussions with you. And we found your insights particularly valuable when the inevitable crises, real or perceived, arose.

You have been our guide, philosopher and friend in the time we needed you most, to give clarity and good judgment in making the right decisions and moving forward in the most productive direction. After the unfortunate choice of prep school for our daughter, (we wish we had had you to guide us!) we cannot thank you enough for steering us toward Muhlenberg College where she was admitted. It was a very positive and enriching experience for her, and it prepared her well for the next phase of her education. Thank you for guiding and motivating her to apply to Vanderbilt for the balance of her college career. Vandy was always her first choice and we believe that L. will truly blossom there and grow and mature in the best way. Howard, you are not "a compass" but "The Compass" to steer youngsters and parents through the increasingly challenging, competitive, and puzzling arena of American higher education. Our sincerest thanks for all your help to our daughter, and to her happy parents.

My wife and I are very proud of how our daughter approached the entire college process. Thanks to your sound advice. She has selected a university the the proper "balance" between academics and social life. Duke represents a great fit for her. We look forward to working with you again when our other daughter begins her college search. She continues to thrive at Loomis Chaffee (and thank you for steering us in the right direction there as well). We are most appreciative of your sage counsel.

My serving in support of my volunteeer organization will always be a high point in my life, but your help with my application to business school had an even more significant impact on my life. Not only have you pointed me in new directions and polished what I had already done, but you gave me confidence in what I am trying to do. Whatever the outcome of my efforts, I am grateful for your help.

Dear Mr. Greene, I can't thank you enough for all of your help in the grueling college process. My acceptance to Columbia simply could not have been achieved without your insight and knowledge. The S. family is forever thankful for the help you have given to both me and my sister.