As bachelor's degrees have become more common, advanced graduate degrees have become more important in the professional world. New academic degree programs in computer sciences, information technologies, and interdisciplinary science research programs have been developed to meet the needs of universities and businesses. As graduate departments in the humanities have been de-emphasized and have lost funding, competition for spaces in prestigious doctoral programs has intensified. The graduate school admissions process for both academic and professional programs has become more complicated and selective during the past decade. Many students find they need help in understanding and preparing for graduate school admission. Determining which of the type of graduate program, and which of the hundreds of schools will be most appropriate for your needs and abilities has become ever more stressful and essential. Selecting the right college academic courses, taking the appropriate entrance exams, developing interesting activities and skills, planning summer internships and programs, and writing outstanding essays, which have taken on a significant role in graduate admissions decisions, can all make a major difference in gaining admission to the institution of your choice.

The Educational Consulting Centers have been providing counseling services to deal with these issues for over forty years. We have an excellent record of appropriate graduate school placements for our clients including the most selective schools. Our professional staff is proud of our record of guiding thousands of young women and men into the programs that have resulted in successful, fulfilling experiences. We monitor the finest institutions of all kinds, maintaining constant contact to make sure that they continue to provide the academic and personal services they promise to their students. Our research, writing, and daily counseling with students and families keep us well informed of trends in graduate and professional school admissions and changes in individual programs.

Graduate School Student Questions (.pdf)

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