After acceptance to a college or university, many clients wish to continue our involvement in guiding a student's educational path and progress until graduation from college. This long-term advisory role in a student's life creates a sustained relationship between the student and our counselors, leading to a more informed and balanced approach to a successful college career.

The following personalized counseling service is available to those clients who wish to retain us as a continuing educational resource throughout the college years. We encourage both college students and their parents to be very proactive in claiming our time and advice. Please initiate and maintain regular contact with our counselors to discuss academic and other concerns, and be sure to keep us updated on your grades and academic progress, as well as your developing post-college aspirations.

The ongoing advisory service includes:

Curricular guidance throughout the college years to help ensure a successful academic experience. Periodic review of the student's current and future courses in relation to his or her academic goals. Identification of programs and future steps to be taken to guide and inform the student's educational progress.

Discussion of summer programs and internships that would complement the student's chosen educational path.

If appropriate or desirable, following discussion with the student, we will communicate with college personnel about issues in the student's interest.

Our counselors and staff are always available by telephone, Skype, email, or fax to answer questions and to respond to requests for information. When desirable, students may schedule a personal appointment at any time, in either Connecticut or New York City. ,