In today's competitive educational environment, secondary school and college placement are two of parents' priority concerns. As company employees, mothers and fathers often put the education of their children first and foremost in their decision to join a company, stay with a company, or relocate within a company. We at the Educational Consulting Centers have for many years worked closely with relocation firms, with private client and executive support teams, and directly with human resources departments at major corporations, to provide multiple levels of professional educational planning support. We have a great deal of expertise available to companies to help them to support their employees' and executives' educational goals for their children, and to develop high quality, effective educational planning seminar programs. Working with companies, we can:

  • provide comprehensive educational planning seminars on-site, through the internet, and through satellite broadcast
  • provide access to our newsletters and informational materials on-line and through distribution of educational planning packets
  • provide for bulk orders of the Greenes' Guides to Educational Planning books.
  • serve as an educational planning support team for key executives, providing priority personal consulting access to help important personnel to secure school or college placement for their children
  • act as an expert educational team for human resources staff, relocation consultants, and private client advisors, helping them to help their clients by providing background informational and consulting support around educational planning issues

Recruitment and retention of talented executives and committed employees are essential processes for every business. Understanding the concerns and needs of parent/employees which are related to their children's education (quality elementary and secondary schools, independent school placement, college admission), will help companies to hire and retain their personnel and clients, even through tumultuous moves and restructurings. The professional team at the Educational Consulting Centers can serve as the key independent resource for your organization to ensure that you are providing the best possible support for your valuable employees and clients.

Please contact us with inquiries. We would be happy to talk with you in more detail about our consulting services and how they would meet your organization's needs.

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